Protac SenSit® Nature Puff

Sensory stimulation puff for children and adults with mental and physical disorder. It can be used as a complement to rest your legs when we sit in the Protac SenSit® Nature chair or as a seat by itself. The top is filled with plastic balls that stimulate our sensory system, whether we sit there or use it to rest our legs or feet.

  • Reference: 53256


Protac SenSit® Nature and Protac SenSit® Nature Pouf are sold separately. If we use it in combination with the Protac SenSit® Nature chair it will offer us additional stimulation to the sensory system through the feet and legs.

  • Filled with polypropylene beads and EVA plastic balls 38 / 50 mm
  • 100% polyester
  • Height: 40 cm

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