Protac SenSit®

Some call it "the pouf that hugs you" because it stimulates the proprioceptive system by wrapping the body, transmitting to the user a feeling of security, protection and well-being. It provides a great persistent calming effect. Suitable for anyone, especially if they have physical or mental anxiety. Filled with plastic balls on the seat and side arms.

Available in white, black, red, lime, dusty green, dark grey and aqua

Protac SenSit® puff is included in all SenSits until 31st august.


Code Qty
53201 white
53202 black
53203 red
53206 lime
53207 dusty green
53208 dark grey
53205 aqua

Filled with polypropylene beads and 38/50 mm EVA plastic balls

100% Polyester

Seat / total height: 38/ 78 cm

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