Protac Ball Blanket® Combi Adult 140x200cm B50mm+ppl 6kg

Sensory stimulation blanket filled with plastic balls and polypropylene granulate.
The balls are divided into compartments so the balls can move and provide a dynamic sensory stimulation. The polypropylene granulate can settle between the balls and thus provides a more subdued sensory stimulation than the Protac Ball Blanket®Flexible.
Particularly suitable for people with anxiety, dementia, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and chronic pain.

  • Reference: 53115


This blanket has a thermal lining on one side. If the thermal side is turned downwards towards the body, it will also make the sensory stimulation feel milder and softer.
This blanket is suitable for people who need varying sensory input to be able to sense themselves and find calm, but who need the extra softness.
The Protac Ball Blanket® Combi consists of 4 removable ball bags, which make it easy to disassemble and wash it in a regular washing machine. It is possible to buy other ball bags with different filling if special adaptation is needed.

  • COMBI. Filled with 58mm plastic balls and polypropylene granulate
  • 100% cotton
  • CE certificate in accordance with Class I Medical Devices
  • Measures: 140x200 mm
  • Weight: 6 kg

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